Let Rebellious Rev and The Doc help grow your mind.

Growing your mind and learning to accept and love all our neighbors . Our congregation is lead by The Rev  and The Doc who grew up in different faiths, but our differences are small,  and  we are proud to be friends . Come listen tp our broadcasts, which are energetic and full of humor.  It's religion like you have never seen before...Amen

Apply the Good News to your daily life.


The Rebellious Rev and The Doc

The Coffee Club

Come and join our coffee club where everyone is welcome, and you have a reserved seat.

Here we discuss many  issues of interest to our audience.  The founders of the Coffee Party, Felix and Marc, will take you on a journey into Politics, Sports, Religion, and other topics of interest.   Our listeners can call us at 516-665-1860.  Just remember our show is rated PG, lets be careful.